idRc 2020, with the theme “ Resilience of/in Megacities ”, is organized by the international peer-reviewed Resilience Journal and its editorial group.

Resilience is described as the capacity of a system, community, or society potentially exposed to hazards to adapt by resisting or changing in order to reach and maintain an acceptable level of functioning and structure.

The 2nd International Disaster and Resilience Congress (idRc 2020) is an academic activity designed to evaluate the work done under this main definition and share it with the world.

We aim to have a meeting on the issues of resilience in different disciplines under a common platform. As a result of the meeting, we want to create new joint working groups and add new ones to resilience studies.

For this purpose, we want to see your work on resilience. Presentations can be made in Turkish or English.

Registration to the symposium will be sufficient with your abstracts.

Full-text submissions will be optional. The articles will be published in Resilience Journal or “idRc 2020 Full Texts” as a result of a referee evaluation.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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