Record rains in Japan have led to significant flooding, causing the loss of at least three lives and over 2,000 homes damaged, according to authorities.

The persistent rainfall, attributed to the remnants of tropical storm Yun-yeung, has been impacting the central and eastern parts of Japan since 08 September 2023.

In 24 hours to 08 September, Mobara City in Chiba Prefecture recorded 391.5 mm of rain, beating the previous record high of 272.0 mm set in October 2013. In the same period Kamogawa (Chiba) recorded 355 mm, Otaki (Chiba) 352 mm and Kashima in Ibaraki Prefecture 272 mm. Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture recorded 131.5 mm of rain in 3 hours on 08 September.

Authorities reported 1,204 houses have been flooded or damaged in the cities of Iwaki and Minamisoma in Fukushima Prefecture. Over 700 homes have been flooded in Ibaraki Prefecture and 225 in Chiba Prefecture. Around 40 people have been displaced and moved to emergency accommodation in Mobara, Chiba Prefecture.

Two people died when they were swept away by floodwaters in separate incidents in Kitaibaraki and Hitachiota in Ibaraki Prefecture. Another fatality was reported in Otaki in Chiba. One person was reported missing in floods in Hitachi City in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The ongoing downpours have also resulted in more than 200 landslides.

Local transportation has been severely impacted, with damage to roads and railway operations. Some rail services were suspended in Chiba Prefecture.

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