Extended Abstract

Extended abstract submission due has been
extended to November 15, 2022

ICFM9 requests all the first authors to submit an Extended Abstract. Please read the following instructions carefully and prepare your Extended Abstract.

  • An Extended Abstract must use the style of this template (MS Word).
  • An Extended Abstract must be 6 (six) pages (no less, no more).
  • Figures and tables are placed where they are referenced (rather than placing them at the end of the manuscript).
  • More detailed instructions can be found on the Proceedings of IAHS submission page (https://www.proceedings-iahs.net/submission.html#templates).

Please note that the ICFM9 secretariat and organizing committees are currently discussing publication detailes of the ICFM9 Extended Abstracts in the Proceedings of IAHS (https://www.proceedings-iahs.net/). We will make further announcement as soon as we confirm the details. 

Please free to email us (icfm9"at"icharm.org (replac "at" with @)) if you have any questions.

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