Parallel sessions

Parallel Sessions & Presentations
Tuesday, 6 May 2008 14:00
Room A  
Mitigation – Vulnerability
Chair: J. van Alphen

  • 1. Development of an integrated and interdisciplinary flood risk assessment instrument 
    Presentation pps (6.94MB) | pdf (2.23MB)
    (Germany)  M. Pahlow, J. Dietrich, D. Nijssen, Y. Hundecha, B. Klein, C. Gattke, A. Schumann, M. Kufeld, C. Reuter, J. Köngeter, H. Schüttrumpf, J. Hirschfeld and U. Petschow
  • 2. Development of flood vulnerability index estimation system
    Presentation (pps, 12.47MB)
    (Korea)  Jang, D.W., Kim, B.S., Kim, B.K., Seoh, B.H. and S.Y. Yoon
  • 3. Assessing social vulnerability to floods on a sub-national scale
    Presentation pps (1.95MB) | pdf (2.01MB)
    (Germany)  Fekete, A., and Birkmann, J.
  • 4. Characterization of agricultural vulnerability for economic appraisal of flood management policies
    Presentation (pps, 295KB)
    (France)  Bremond, P. Bauduceau, N., Grelot, F.

Room B  
Analytical and Distributive Methodologies – Modeling
Chair: K.D. W. Nandalal

  • 5. Use of a hydrodynamic model to forecast floods of Kalu River in Sri Lanka
    Presentation (pps, 2.11MB)
    (Sri Lanka)  Nandalal, K.D.W.
  • 6. Rapid flood simulation software for personal computer with dynamic domain defining method
    (Japan)  Yamaguchi, S., Ikeda, T., Iwamura, K.
  • 7. Reliability analysis of river embankments using analytical methods and finite-elements
    Presentation (
    pdf, 4.8MB)
    (Germany)  Moellmann, A.F.D., Vermeer, P.A., Westrich, B
  • 8. The Floris-2 project
    Presentation pps (17.35MB) | pdf (1.62MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Hazenoot, E.C., Havinga, F.J., Kooij, A.F., and Stefess, H. 

Room C  
Preparedness, Response and Recovery – Early Warning
Chair: M. Karamouz  

  • 9. Why flood warnings fail too often: An Australian view
    Presentation (pps, 101KB)
    (Australia) Keys, C., Cawood, M.
  • 10. Long lead flood forecast application to benefit society: Experience of 2007 Bangladesh floods
    Presentation pps (10.60MB) | pdf (3.60MB)
    (Thailand)  Fakhruddin, S.H.M.
  • 11. Can ensemble forecasts improve the reliability of extreme flood warnings?
    Presentation (pps, 5.56MB)
    (Germany)  Flood Forecasting Dietrich, J., Wang, Y., Denhard, M., Schumann, A.
  • 12. Developing a flood warning system: A case study
    Presentation (pps, 1.56MB)
    (Iran)  Karamouz, M., Ahmadi, A., Moridi, A., and Rassaei Kshuk, S.

Room D  
Various Perspectives – River Basin Perspectives
Chair: D. Soong  

  • 13. An overview of the strategy for flood management for the Kafue River Basin, Zambia and the experiences of the Zambian 2006-2008 Floods
    Presentation (pdf, 2.15MB)
    (Zambia)  Mwelwa, E
  • 14. The Red River Valley Flood of 1997: A call for worst-case scenario approaches to flood risk management
    Presentation pps (8.60MB) | pdf (1.86MB)
    (U.S.A.)  Todhunter, P.E
  • 15. Tailor-made monitoring programs for hydrological extremes - case Elbe River
    Presentation pps (20.31MB) | pdf (1.33MB)
    (Germany)  Baborowski, M., Schwandt, D., Geller, W., Heininger, P
  • 16. Floods in Karst Area - case study - Croatia
    Presentation (pdf, 3.80MB)
    (Croatia)  Berakovic, B., Garasic, M., Cesarec, K., Berakovic, M.

Room E   
Structural Approaches – Levees
Chair: D. Moser

  • 17. Its in the eye of the inspector - overview of visual inspection methods in four countries and lessons learned
    Presentation (pps, 3.61MB)
    (United Kingdom)  Flikweert, J.J., and Moser, G.
  • 18. Application of levee breach safety evaluation for overtopping
    Presentation (pps, 4.16MB)
    (Korea)  Yoon, K.S., Chu, H.J.
  • 19. Dike Monitoring
    Presentation pps (19.96MB) | pdf (2.15MB)
    (Germany)  Thiele, E., Helbig, R., Erth, H., Krebber, K., Nother, N., and Wosniok, A.
  • 20. Evaluation of geophysical techniques to investigate river embankments
    Presentation pps (13.96MB) | pdf (2.78MB)
    (Germany)  Niederleithinger, E., Weller, A., Lewis, R., and Stotzner, U.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008 16:00
Room A   
Mitigation – Flood Risk Management
Chair: J-M. Stam

  • 21. Flood insurance - from clients to global financial markets
    (Germany)  Kron, W.
  • 22. An Integrated institutional and community engagement framework for providing flood defence for the Gold Coast City, Australia
    (Australia)  Rahman, K., and Mirfenderesk, H.
  • 23. Communicating flood forecast uncertainty under operational circumstances
    (Germany)  Cullmann, J., Krausse, T., and Pilliph, A.
  • 24. HORA - an Austrian platform for natural hazards as a new way in risk communication
    (Austria)  Stiefelmeyer, H., Hlatky, T.
  • 25. Rational risk assessment of dikes by using a stochastic subsurface model
    (The Netherlands)  Knoeff, J.G., Vastenburg, E.W., Tromp, E.

Room B   
Analytical and Distributive Methodologies – Geo-spatial Tools
Chair: A. Ross  

  • 26. Utilising ArcGIS for flood mapping using ID hydrodynamic model
    (Thailand)  Thaveevouthti, T.
  • 27. Extraction of flood masks using satellite based very high resolution SAR data for flood management and modeling
    Presentation (pdf, 15.62MB)
    (Germany) Voigt, S., Martinis, S., Zwenzner, H., Hahmann, T., and  Schneiderhan, T.
  • 28. Flood maps in Europe: A Comparative evaluation of methods, availability and application 
    Presentation (pps, 2.02MB)
    (The Netherlands)  de Moel, H., Aerts, J.C.J.H.
  • 29. Study on mapping and management system of flood risk map
    Presentation (pps, 6.67MB)
    (China)  Li, C., Huang, J., He, X., Zhang, B.
  • 30. 2-D hydrodynamic modeling for evaluation of flood risk in space and time
    Presentation(pdf, 4.07MB)
    (Canada)  Ahmad, S.S., Simonovic, S.P.

Room C
Mitigation – Risk Management
Chair: A. Schumann

  • 31. Risk-based design of flood defence systems – A preliminary analysis for the New Orleans metropolitan area
    Presentation (pps, 3.77MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Jonkman, S.N. , Kok, M., van Ledden, M., Vrijling, J.K
  • 32. HORIX - Development of an operational expert system for flood risk management considering prediction uncertainty
    Presentation pps (25.83MB) | pdf (6.88MB)
    (Germany)  Disse, M., Pakosch, S., Yoruk, A., Bardossy, A., Bliefernicht, J., Grundmann, J., Herbst, M., Molnar, T.
  • 33. Analyzing and managing uncertain futures of large-scale fluvial flood risk systems
    Presentation pps (16.50MB) | pdf (5.75MB)
    (Germany)  Schanze, J., Schwarze, R., Carstensen, D., and Deilmann
  • 34. Data and predictive uncertainties in flood forecasting: How to decide under uncertain information
    Presentation (pdf, 3.20MB)
    (Germany)  Reusser, D.E., Zehe, E., Bronstert, A.
  • 35. Flood risk mitigation: Does culture matter?
    Presentation (pps, 2.40MB)
    (Germany)  Shen, X.

Room D 
Various Perspectives – Urban Floods
Chair: B. Holmes

  • 36. Overview of urban drainage flood forecasting methods and approaches
    Presentation (pps, 2.23MB)
    (Canada)  Chen, J., Adams, B.
  • 37. Modeling of flood inundation in urban areas including underground space
    Presentation (pps, 6.48MB)
    (Korea)  Han, K.Y., Kim, G., Lee, C.H. , Cho, W.H.
  • 38. The Peterborough flood – From the inside
    Presentation(pdf, 4.43MB)
    (Canada)  Burritt, D.
  • 39. Zonation of flash floods in urban areas. A case study: Darband basin in North Tehran
  • Presentation (pdf, 6.08MB)
    (Iran) Ghahroudi T. M., Neta, T., and Serati, N.
  • 40. Perceptions of overland flooding in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
    Presentation (pps, 4.06MB)
    (Canada)  Sandink, D., and Shrubsole, D.

Room E
Structural Approaches –Flood Hydraulics
Chair: X. Cheng

  • 41. Experimental studies on the seepage control effects of suspended cutoffs in dike foundation
    Presentation (pps, 3.07MB)
    (China)  Ding, L.Q., Yao, Q.L., and Sun, D.Y.
  • 42. Assessment and optimization of flood control systems: The Unstrut River case study
    Presentation (pdf, 4.63MB)
    (Germany)  Pahlow, M., Hundecha, Y., Nijssen, D., Dietrich, J., Klein, B., Gattke, B., Schumann, A., Reuter, C., Schuttrumpf, H., Hirschfeld, J., and Petschow, U.
  • 44. Increasing the energy losses beyond the base of the flood spillway
    (Greece)  Demetriou, J.D.  and Dimitriou, D. 
  • 45. Innovative method of greatly reducing flow resistance - Innovative method of flood control
    (China)  Weiyi, L.
  • 89. The flood regimes of mid-sized and mixed land-use catchments: Can we assess theurban contribution?
    Presentation (pps, 4.97MB)
    (France)  Radojevic, B., Breil, P. , and Chocat, B.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008 11:00
Room A 
Mitigation – Tools and Strategies 

Chair: J. Bales

  • 46. The flood problem and mitigation methods in Bangladesh
    Presentation pps (16.48MB) | pdf (3.43MB)
    (Bangladesh)   Hossain, M.M., Baki, A.B.M., and Ahmad, S.S.
  • 47. Flood mitigation strategies at watershed scale through dispersed structural measures
    Presentation (pps, 2.94MB)
    (France)  Chennu, S., Gresillon, J-M., Faure, J-B., Leblois, E., Poulard, C., and Dartus, D.,
  • 48. Using mitigation planning to reduce disaster losses
    Presentation (pps, 2.83MB)
    (U.S.A.)  Helbrecht, K., Wissmann Smith, K.
  • 49. Flood defence in Pakistan: From conventional to scientific approach
    Presentation (pdf, 14.42MB)
    (Pakistan)  Ahmad, B., J. Muhammad, M. M. Ahmadand, and Z. H. Dhari

Room B  
Analytical and Distributive Methodologies – Statistics and Optimization
Chair: M. Pahlov

  • 50. Bivariate flood frequency analysis using Copula
    Presentation pps (8.30MB) | pdf (3.45MB)
    (Canada)  Karmakar, S., Simonovic, S.P.
  • 51. Mixed-integer optimization of flood control measures using evolutionary algorithms
    Presentation pps (8.49MB) | pdf (378KB)
    (Germany)  Hubner, C., Muschalla, D., and Ostrowski, W.
  • 52. Probabilistic analysis of hydrological loads to optimize the design of flood control systems
    Presentation (pps, 2.83MB)
    (Germany)  Klein , B., Pahlow, M., Hundecha, Y., Gattke, C., Schumann, A.
  • 53. Flood risk management and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers actions for change
    Presentation (pps, 913KB)
    (U.S.A.)  Moser, D.A., Schultz, M.T., Bridges, T.S., and Harper, B.K. 

Room C   
Preparedness, Response and Recovery – Emergency Planning
Chair: K. Helbrecht  

  • 54. The use of evacuation and loss of life models to improve flood incident management in the UK
    Presentation (pps, 6.45MB)
    (United Kingdom)  Lumbroso, D., Di Mauro, M., Tagg, A.
  • 55. Closing breaches in earthen flood defenses, technical feasibility of emergency closure concept
    Presentation pps (5.79MB) | pdf (1.36MB)
    (The Netherlands)  van Gerven, K.A.J., Akkerman, G.J., Pool, A.D., and Jonkman, S.N. 
  • 56. Estimating the costs of emergency services during flood events
    Presentation pps (24.81MB) | pdf (2.57MB)
    (Austria)  Pfurtscheller, C., and Schwarze, R. 
  • 57. Analyses of flood defense strategy in Golidagh watershed in northern Iran
    (Iran)  Maramaei, M.G.H.

Room D   
Various Perspectives – Case Studies
Chair: D. Sandink  

  • 58. The October-November 2007 floods in Tabasco, Mexico: An interim diagnosis and courses of action
    Presentation (pps, 2.64MB)
    (Mexico)  Aparicio, J., Martinez-Austria, P.F., Guitrón, A., and Ramirez, A.I. 
  • 59. Storm of August 19, 2005: A catalyst for change from reactive to adaptive urban flood management in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Presentation (pdf, 2.89MB)
    (Canada)   Farrell, L., Haley, D.,  D’Andrea, M. and Snodgrass, W.J.
  • 60. The Peterborough Flood, A Case Study in Urban Flood Damage Mitigation Strategies 
    Presentation pps (22.27MB) | pdf (1.75MB)
    (Canada)  Worsley, B. and Ward. D.
  • 61. Great Odra/Oder flood in 1997 – Ten years after
    Presentation (pps, 3.37MB)
    (Poland)  Kundzewicz. Z.W., and Kowalczak, W.

Room E
Structural Approaches – Levees and Reservoirs
Chair: M. Kim

  • 62. Levees, embankments, dikes: finding common ground between the flood risk management cultures in the USA, England and the Netherlands
    Presentation pps (10.53MB) | pdf (564KB)
    (United Kingdom)  Flikweert, J., and van Ledden, M.
  • 63. A playful approach to flood defence
    Presentation pps (11.28MB) | pdf (1.44MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Harteveld, C.
  • 64. A management system for optimizing operating rules of multipurpose reservoirs allowing for both extreme floods and ecological performance
    Presentation (pps, 5.34MB)
    (Germany)  Dittmann, R., Froehlich, F., Pohl, R., Ostrowski, M.
  • 65. Overview of flood retaining structures in the Netherlands
    Presentation (pps, 2.36MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Stalenberg, B., and Vrijling, J.K

Wednesday, 7 May 2008 16:00
Room B   
Analytical and Distributive Methodologies – Uncertainty Analyses
Chair: P. Todhunter

  • 66. The role of building flood resilience in the flood risk management hierarchy 
    Presentation (pps, 2.83MB)
    (United Kingdom)  Tagg, A.F., and  Escarameia, M.
  • 67. Evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency on non structural measures
    Presentation pps (10.53MB) | pdf (564KB)
    (Germany)  Schanze, J., Hutter, G., Penning-Rowsell, E., Nachtnebel, H-P., Meyer, V., Koniger, P., Neuhold, C., Harris, T., Kuhlicke, C., and Olfert, A.
  • 68. Flood security: an assessment of the strategies of compartmentalization and flood shelters
    Presentation pps (13.07MB) | pdf (1.05MB)
    (The Netherlands) J. Lansink, A.Y. Hoekstra, M.W.J. van Reedt Dortland, C.M. Steinweg
  • 69. Probabilistic sensitivity analysis of dune erosion calculations
    Presentation (pps, 942KB)
    (The Netherlands)  den Heijer, C., van de Graaff, J., and van Gelder, P. H.J.M.
  • 70. Use of Bayesian model averaging to determine uncertainties in river discharge and water level forecasts
    Presentation pps (7.21MB) | pdf (1.43MB)
    (The Netherlands)   Beckers, J.V.L., Sprokkereef, E., Roscoe, K.L.

Room C   
Flood Management – Planning and Information
Chair: S. Blanchard

  • 71. Towards a new flood forecasting system for the lower Mekong river basin
    Presentation (pps, 3.52MB)
    (Cambodia)  Pengel, B., Malone, T., and Hartman, M.
  • 72. Information content of weather predictions for flood-control in a Dutch lowland water system
    Presentation (pps, 1.83MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Weijs, S.V.
  • 73. Flood control planning and evaluation with an information and decision support system
    Presentation (pps, 4.99MB)
    (Germany)  Hubner, C., Winterscheid, A., Ostrowski, M.W., Horchler, P., Rosenzweig, S., Husing, V., Fuchs, E., Belger, G., Haase, M., Hens, T., Kuch, D, Lippert, K., and Thul, M.
  • 74. Damage and loss prediction model based on the vulnerability of building types
    Presentation pps (12.41MB) | pdf (2.28MB)
    (Germany)  Schwarz, J., and Maiwald, H.
  • 75. A socio-ecological vulnerability assessment for Germany 
    Presentation (pps, 3.43MB)
    (Germany)  Damm, M.

Room D  
Analytical and Distributive Methodologies – Spatial Modeling
Chair: P. Bourget  

  • 76. Development of near-real-time and predicted flood-inundation maps for internet display and hazard mitigation planning
    Presentation (pps, 6.45MB)
    (USA)  Kim, M.H., Pavlow, S.
  • 77. Application of satellite data for improved flood forecasting and mapping
    Presentation pps (22.81MB) | pdf (5.03MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Barneveld, H.J., Silander, J.T., Sane, M., and Malnes, E.
  • 78. Mapping hurricane Rita inland storm tide
    Presentation (pdf, 2.70MB)
    (U.S.A.)  Berenbrock, C., Mason, R.P., and Blanchard, S.
  • 79. Application of variational data assimilation method on a distributed physically based flash flood model
    (France)  Bessiere, H., and Dartus, D.
  • 80. Evaluation of river flood regulation by means of model predictive control
    Presentation (pps, 2.10MB)
    (Belgium) Willems, P., Barjas-Blanco, T., Chiang, P.K., Cauwenberghs, K., Berlamont, J., and De Moor, B.  

Room E   
Structural Approaches – Modeling and Design
Chair: S. Simonovic

  • 81. The Red River floodway expansion project
    Presentation (pdf, 9.28MB)
    (Canada)  Carson, R.W., McNeil, D.D.
  • 82. Erosion and sediment yield estimation for flood protection
    Presentation (pdf, 1.71MB)
    (Germany)  Schoenau, S., Thapa, P., Bárdossy, A.
  • 83. Modeling of 2D flood flow analysis by finite element method 
    Presentation (pdf, 1.79MB)
    (Korea)  Han, K.Y., Kim, B.H., Choi, S.Y.
  • 84. Stranraer flood protection scheme: A case study
    Presentation (pdf, 3.41MB)
    (United Kingdom)  Fernandez, J., McGee, S., and Fraser, A.
  • 85. Evaluation or urban floods considering climate change impacts
    Presentation (pps, 816KB)
    (Iran)  Karamouz, M., Hosseinpour, A., and Nazif, S

Thursday, 8 May 2008 08:00
Room A    
Mitigation – Inundation Issues
Chair: B. Radojevic  

  • 86. Flood disaster mitigation by inundation of the deep floodplain
    Presentation (pdf, 3.41MB)
    (Hungary)  Koncsos, L., Balogh, E.
  • 87. Fluvial environment planning in Catalonia: Harmonizing river and floodplain restoration with human development
    Presentation pps (22.98MB) | pdf (11.07MB)
    (Spain)  Fleta, J., Garcia, E., Gode, L., Gracia, A., Moxo, D., Verdu, J.
  • 88. Importance of land use management on the flood management in Chi river basin, Thailand
    Presentation (pps, 2.81KB)
    (The Netherlands)  Kuntiyawichai, K., Schultz, B., Uhlenbrook, S., Suryadi, F.X., and van Griensven, A.
  • 89. The flood regimes of mid-sized and mixed land-use catchments: Can we assess the urban contribution?
    (France)  Radojevic, B., Breil, P. , and Chocat, B.
  • 90. Application of tsunami modeling for escape and refuge planning in Aceh (Indonesia)
    Presentation pps (13.20MB) | pdf (1.94MB)
    (Netherlands)  Nieuwenhuis, O.E., Vatvani, D., Alberts, J., and Jansen, D.  

Room B   
Mitigation – Flood Risk Management
Chair: K. Takeuchi

  • 91. New approaches for flood risk management in the Netherlands
    Presentation (pps, 5.74MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Roos, A., van de Geer, I.
  • 92. Physically based modeling of extreme flood generation and assessment of flood risk
    Presentation pps (4.76MB) | pdf (3.21MB)
    (Russia)  Kuchment, L.S., Gelfan, A.N., Demidov, V.N.
  • 93. Risk analysis of coastal flood defences - A Vietnam case
    Presentation (pps, 6.18MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Mai, C.V., van Gelder, P.H.A.J.M., Vrijling, J.K., and Mai, T.C.
  • 94. Flood risk from dike failure
    Presentation pps (18.61MB) | pdf (3.82MB)
    (Hungary)  Nagy, L.
  • 95. Exploring future flood management: A comparison of scenarios from literature and stakeholder perspectives
    Presentation (pps, 1.36MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Raadgever, G.T., and Becker, G.

Room C 
Preparedness, Response and Recovery – Assessment of Losses
Chair: B. Lence  

  • 97. Loss of life caused by the flooding of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina: A preliminary analysis of the relationship between flood characteristics and mortality
    Presentation pps (6.57MB) | pdf (3.38MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Jonkman, S.N., Maaskant, B., Boyd, E., and  Levitan, M. 
  • 98. Impact assessment study of planned flood retention reservoirs in the Upper Tisza Basin, based on model simulations
    Presentation pps (8.28MB) | pdf (5.02MB)
    (Hungary)  Szabo, J.A., Bodis, K., Toth, S., Jakus, G.
  • 99. Methods for the evaluation of direct and indirect flood losses
    Presentation pps (15.79MB) | pdf (5.90MB)
    (Germany)  Thieken, A., Ackermann, V., Elmer, F., Kreibich, H., Kuhlmann, B., Kunert, U., Maiwald, H.,  Merz, B.,  Muller, M., Piroth, K., Schwarz, J., Schwarze, R., Seifert, I., and Seifert, J.
  • 100. Using the central pressure method to forecast damage length of maritime structures caused by Typhoon 9918
    Presentation (pps, 1.96MB)
    (Japan)  Hashimura, R.
  • 101. Assessing the value of mitigation strategies in reducing the impacts of rapid-onset, catastrophic floods
    Presentation pps (10.76MB) | pdf (2.52MB)
    (Canada)  Johnstone, W.M., and Lence, B.J.

Room D   
Mitigation – Policy Issues
Chair: E. Plate  

  • 102. The new European flood management directive and the municipal flood management systems as one realization approach
    Presentation pps (13.93MB) | pdf (5.31MB)
    (Germany)  Jupner, R., Gretzschel, M., and Luderitz, V.
  • 103. British Columbia's flood management policy window - can we take advantage?
    Presentation pps (17.36MB) | pdf (2.53MB)
    (Canada)  Lyle, T., McLean, D., Mannerstrom, M.
  • 104. Flood management in the Netherlands: Coping with risks
    Presentation pps (15.61MB) | pdf (3.43MB)
    (The Netherlands)  van Leussen, W.
  • 105. Extreme flooding, policy development, and a society - biosphere - climate feedback model
    Presentation (pps, 1010KB)
    (Canada)  Davies, E.G.R., Simonovic, S.P.
  • 106. Cost-benefit analysis to determine efficient flood protection standards for the Netherlands
    (The Netherlands)  Kind, J.

Room E    
Analytical and Distributive Methodologies – Modeling Issues
Chair: D. Burn  

  • 107. Uncertainty Issues in flood inundation mapping
    (U.S.A.)  Bales, J.D.
  • 108. Generation of severe flood scenarios by stochastic rainfall in combination with a rainfall runoff model
    Presentation (pps ,678KB)
    (Germany)  Petry, U.. Hundecha, Y., Pahlow, M., Schumann, A.
  • 109. Methodology for evaluating hydrologic model parameters in an urban setting: Case study using transferred HSPF parameters in  Midlothian and Tinley creek watershed, Illinois
    Presentation (pps, 6.00MB)
    (U.S.A.)  Soong, D.T.W., and Su, T.Y.
  • 110. Interlinked modelling of large floods by combining one and two dimensional diffusive wave approaches
    Presentation (pps, 4.64MB)
    (Germany)  Kamrath, P., Huber, N.P., Kufeld, M., Schuttrumf, H., and Kongeter, J.
  • 111. PC-RIVER probabilistic reliability analysis for river dikes
    Presentation (pdf, 4.11MB)
    (Germany)  Merkel, U., Westrich, B.

Thursday, 8 May 2008 10:30
Room A   
Mitigation – Participation and Insurance
Chair: P. Kovacs  

  • 112. Community-Based Disaster Mitigation: Camiguin, Phillippines
    Presentation (pps,5.54MB)
    (Philippines)  Hipolito, D.
  • 113. Flood insurance in the Netherlands
    Presentation pps (8.39MB) | pdf (592KB)
    Jongejan, R.B. (Netherlands), Barrieu, P.M. (United Kingdom)
  • 115. Role of Community
    Participation and Indigenous Knowledge in Flood Defence in India

    Presentation (pps, 2.91MB)
    (India)  S.Chandra
  • 145. Improvement of the flood forecasting and warning system of Bangladesh by advanced technological development
    Presentation pps (9.56MB) | pdf (4.49MB)
    (Canada)  Akhtar, M.K., Simonovic, S.P.

Room B   
Environmental Considerations – Climate Change
Chair: G. McBean

  • 116. Trends in extreme rain events and flood implications
    Presentation pps (5.28MB) | pdf (1.64MB)
    (Canada)  Bruce. J.P.
  • 117. Flood risk in relation to climate change and adaptation in the Newtherlands 
    Presentation pps (8.45MB) | pdf (2.66MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Bolwidt, L.J
  • 118. Possible impacts of climate change on heavy rainfall-related flooding risks in Ontario
    Presentation (pps, 2.55MB)
    (Canada)  Cheng, C.S., Li, G., Li, Q, Auld, H.
  • 119. Effects of flood control measures and climate change in the Rhine basin
    Presentation (pdf, 1.63MB)
    (The Netherlands)  te Linde, A.H., Aerts, J.C.J.H., van den Hurk, B.J.J.M.

Room C  
Mitigation – Planning
Chair: A. Tyagi  

  • 120. Flood response planning in England and Wales
    Presentation pps (22.66MB) | pdf (4.24MB)
    (United Kingdom)  Evans, K., Berghouse, C.
  • 121. Assessment of flood remediation with minimal historic hydrologic data:  case study for a small urban stream
    Presentation pps (8.63MB) | pdf (3.05MB)
    (U.S.A.)  Holmes, R. R. and Over T.M.
  • 122. Development of a discharge prediction method based on topological case-based modeling and a distributed hydrological model
    Presentation (pps, 13.53MB)
    (Japan)  Harayama, K., Oka, T., Kojiri, T., Tanaka, K., Hamaguchi, T.
  • 123. Managing flood hazard identification in Alberta
    Presentation (pdf, 5.68MB)
    (Canada)  Choles, J. , Mahabir, C., Haimila, B., and Stevenson, P.
  • 124.  Flooding of underground facilities in urban regions
    (Germany)  Oertel, M., and Schlenkhoff, A.
  • 157. Flooding of underground facilities in urban regions
    Presentation (pps, 4.23MB)
    (Germany)  Oertel, M., and Schlenkhoff, A.

Room D    
Various Perspectives – Regional, Historical and Health Perspectives
Chair: R. Carson  

  • 125. 500 years flood stage records at Dresden Guage: Data mining and results
    Presentation pps (20.80MB) | pdf (10.52MB)
    (Germany)  Pohl, R.
  • 126. Coastal and floodplain management: The U.S. and Dutch experience
    Presentation (pps, 4.96MB)
    (USA)  Bourget, P., and  Stam, J.M.T. (Netherlands)
  • 127. Reconstruction and analysis of 19th century floods in SW Germany
    Presentation pps (19.59MB) | pdf (3.91MB)
    (Germany)  Dostal, P., Buerger, K., Imbery, F., and Seidel, J.
  • 128. Urban flood management for centuries in the Netherlands
    Presentation (pdf, 5.68MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Waals, J.M.J., Kelder, E.
  • 160. Risk assessment in a trans-boundary cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany
    Presentation pps (8.47MB) | pdf (2.16MB) Abstract: pdf (pdf, 898KB)
    (The Netherlands)  Stijnen, J.W., Vermeij, W.E.W., Kutschera, G., Silva, W., and Schuttrumpf, H.

Room E   
Mitigation - Policy, Standards and Strategic Planning
Chair: Z. Kundzewicz

  • 129. Safety assessment of flood defences in the Netherlands, an ongoing concern
    Presentation pps (17.58MB) | pdf (1.91MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Wolters, J.F., and de Bake, D.P.
  • 130. Development of the safety index for regional natural disaster
    (Korea)  Jang, D.W., D.M, Yang., S.M, Jeong., M.J, Park., H.S, Kim
  • 131. Adaptation as a way of flood management
    Presentation (pdf, 5.68MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Schielen, R., and Roovers, G.
  • 132. An optimal flood protection standard for dike-ring areas
    Presentation (pps, 1.24MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Eijgenraam, C.J.J.
  • 159. NOAH, the Right Information at the Right Time at the Right Place
    Presentation (pdf, 612KB) Abstract(pdf, 612KB) 
    (The Netherlands) Erik Jan Langkamp, E.J.,  Pengel, B., Wentholt, L., De Gooijer, K., Vogt, R., and Schnitzler, S.

Thursday, 8 May 2008 13:30
Room A   
Analytical and Distributive Methodologies – Information and Decision Support Systems
Chair: E. Mwelwa

  • 133. A web-based flood information system
    Presentation (pps, 1.20MB)
    (Canada) Peck, A., Black, J., Karmakar, S., and Simonovic, S.P.
  • 134. An online tool for real time analysis and management of flood risks of diked areas
    Presentation (pps, 4.54MB)
    (The Netherlands)  Maccabiani, J., Knoeff, J.G.
  • 135. Integrating hydraulic and economic analysis for selecting flood protection measures in the context of climate change
    Presentation (pdf, 7.23MB)
    (Belgium)  Ernst, J., Dewals, B.J., Giron, E., Hecq, W., and Pirotton, M.
  • 136. Assessment of vulnerability to floods at local level with a special focus onhuman-environmental systems and critical infrastructures
    Presentation (pps, 4.62MB)
    (Germany)  Birkmann, J., Krings, S., and Renaud, F.
  • 137. Emblematic projects for watershed restoration and flood disaster  mitigation in Mexico
    Presentation (pdf, 3.49MB)
    (Mexico)  Baumann, J. Arvizu, I.G., Morales, S.M., Gomez, J.A.G., Priante, S.S.

Room B
Environmental Considerations – Winter Floods, Mountain Environments, Sediment  
Chair: L. Farrell

  • 138. Managing river ice flood risk in Alberta
    Presentation pps (14.42MB) | pdf (2.26MB)
    (Canada) Mahabir, C., Frieshenhan, E., Trevor, B., Jasek, M., Cline, A., and Granson, W.
  • 139. Hydrological modeling in alpine catchments – sensing the critical parameters towards an efficient model calibration
    Presentation pps (9.38MB) | pdf (3.34MB)
    (Austria)  Achleitner, S., Rinderer, M., Kirnbauer, R., and Kleindienst
  • 140. Sensitivity analysis of lapse rate and corresponding elevation of the snowline-limted data availability and its impact on snow and glacier melt 
    Presentation (pps, 5.72MB)
    (Austria)  Rinderer, M., Achleitner, S., Asztalos, J., and Kirnbauer, R.
  • 141. Management of riparian woodlands to mitigate flood risk while conserving the environment in Hokkaido, Japan
    Presentation (pps, 6.01MB)
    (Japan)  Yoshii, A., and Watanabe, Y.
  • 142. Targeted retention of contaminated sediment in a green flood retention reservoir
    Presentation (pps, 6.74MB)
    (Germany)  Wurms, S., Westrich, B.

Room C  
Environmental Considerations – Climate Change
Chair: J. Bruce  

  • 143. River floods in the changing climate 
    Presentation (pps, 4.75MB)
    (Poland)   Kundzewicz, Z.W.
  • 144. Intensity duration frequency analysis under changing climatic conditions
    Presentation (pdf, 436KB)
    (Canada)  Prodanovic, P., Simonovic, S.P.
  • 145.  Field-demonstrated evidence of changing rainfall intensities in Ontario for short duration storms
    Presentation (pps, 4.16MB)
    (Canada) Vasiljevic, B., and McBean, E.
  • 146. Stage discharge rating with ADCP measurements
    Presentation pps (14.42MB) | pdf (1.09MB)
    (Canada) Chen, J., Fooks, J., Goertz, H.
  • 147. Improvement of the flood forecasting and warning system of Bangladesh by advanced technological development
    (Canada)  Akhtar, M.K., Simonovic, S.P.

Room D  
Various Perspectives – Urban Flooding
Chair: M. Hossain

  • 148. Problems of flash flood and urban inundation in Dhaka
    (Bangladesh)  Rumi, S.R.A.
  • 149. Sewer backup flooding: Homeowner perception and mitigative behaviour
    (Canada)  Sandink, D
  • 150. Making coastal cities flood resilient in the era of climate change
  • Presentation (pdf, 8.98MB)
    (Germany)  Goltermann, D., Ujeyl, G., and Pasche, E.
  • 151. Futureproof design of flood defences
    Presentation (pps, 6.19MB)
    (The Netherlands)  terHorst, W.L.A., Vrijling, J.K., Bernardini, P.
  • 152. Flood risk mapping in Europe, experience and best practices
    Presentation (pdf, 4.77MB)
    (The Netherlands) van Alphen, J., Martini, F., Loat, R., Slomp, R., Passchier, R. 

Room E   
Structural Approaches – Dikes, Reservoirs and Dams
Chair: K. Prasad

  • 153. Analysis of dike breach sensitivity using a conceptual method followed by a comprehensive statistical approach to end up with failure probabilities
    Presentation (pps, 5.73MB)
    (Belgium)  Peeters, P., Van Looveren, R., Vincke, L., Vanneuville, W., and Blanckaert, J.
  • 154. Cracked clay dikes investigation with geoelectrical tomography
    Presentation (pdf, 2.11MB)
    (Hungary)  Nagy, L., Kovacs, A., Varga, M.
  • 155. Improvement of the general resistance of dikes against erosion during dike overflow
    Presentation (pps, 3.64MB)
    (Germany)  Kubetzek, T., Steuernagel, J., Ramm, H., Saenger, N., and Zanke, U.
  • 156. Risk based procedure for design and verification of dam safety
    Presentation pps (10.67MB) | pdf (3.02MB)
    (Germany)  Anhalt, M., Meon, G.
  • 158. Stabilisation of river dykes with drainage and stabilsing elements
    Presentation pps (17.74MB) | pdf (3.25MB)
    (Germany)  Riegger, T., Bieberstein, A., Hörtkorn, F., Kempfert, H.-G., Seeger, M., and Erth, H

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