Parallel sessions

Topic 1: Flood Risk Management (Prevention, Mitigation and Adaptation)
1.1   Structural measures (design, construction, operation and maintenance)  1.2  Non-structural measures
1.3  Flood risk management policy and strategic planning 
1.4  Land use control measures 
1.5  Climate change adaptation 
1.6  Environmental and ecological consideration 
1.7  Flood management in the context of Integrated Water Resources Management 
1.8  Maximizing flood benefits

Topic 2: Flood Disaster Management (Preparedness, Emergency Response and Recovery) 
2.1  Flood disaster preparedness 
2.2  Flood hazard mapping 
2.3  Emergency management and recovery  
2.4  Risk communication and damage assessment 
2.5  Social capital and community defense

Topic 3: Flood Forecasting and Early Warning Systems
3.1  Observation, monitoring and forecasting of precipitation and discharge 
3.2  Hydro-meteorological processes 
3.3  Rainfall-runoff modeling, flood routing and inundation modeling   
3.4  Prediction in ungauged basins  
3.5  Flood warning visualization and dissemination

Topic 4: Flood Management in Different Climate Conditions and Geographic Zones 
4.1  Urban floods, flash floods, riverine floods, storm surges  
4.2  Landslides and debris flow  
4.3  Floods in deltas and estuaries  
4.4  Floods in arid areas and seasonal rivers,   
4.5  Floods in cold regions  
4.6  Trans-boundary rivers floods  
4.7  Glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs)  
4.8  Dam malfunction flood, dam break and natural dams after earthquake, etc.  
4.9  Reports on recent floods (lesson learned and the best practices) 

Topic 5: Cross-cutting and other topics 
5.1  Flood risk index (assessment and indicators of exposure, vulnerability and capacity)  
5.2  Integrated flood management approaches  
5.3  Uncertainty analysis and management  
5.4  Role of training, information networking and public awareness  
5.5  International cooperation and assistance  
5.6  Indigenous flood management knowledge

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